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Our Process

  • Phase 1: Schematic Design

    During this phase of the architectural design process, we take information gathered from the client and field surveys to create design options. We will present these options in 2d or 3d forms to help the client visualize the options they have.

  • Phase 2: Design Development

    Here we will refine the schematic design based on your feedback. Clients budgets are important and at this phase we will work with contractors to provide a generic budget.

  • Phase 3: Construction Documents

    Final design has been chosen and preparation of construction documents has begun. We will coordinate structural, civil, design specifications, fire sprinklers, cal green, energy compliance, HVAC and any other required consultant.

    Contractors will use these detailed drawings and specifications to prepare for the next phase in the architectural design process.

  • Phase 4: Bidding

    We have a large list of qualified contractors we have worked with in all of California and can help pick the right one for you. If you'd like to use your own contractor, we can review submitted bids and provide analysis. This phase will ensure the contractors are reading the plans correctly and providing accurate bids.

  • Phase 5: Construction Administration

    During this phase, we will administer the construction process to assure conformance with design intent, visit the site during construction, and address any field conditions as they arise.

    This final phase, along with all the others described above, will ensure the smooth and satisfactory completion of your home construction or renovation project. Our ultimate goal is to help you turn your dream of a new or renovated home into an affordable reality. Contact us and take the first step toward your new home.


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